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1974 Play Family Castle #993
Complete with Inner and Outer Boxes
Excellent Condition
Vintage Fisher Price Castle - Complete

Vintage Fisher Price Castle - Both Boxes
This is the #993 Play Family Castle made by Fisher Price in 1974-1977.  It is 100% complete in both boxes and all the original parts, and in very close to MINT condition.  The Castle itself it really beautiful.  The only thing to note is that the floor litho inside the Castle is NOT original.  It's a professionally made reproduction that I installed because the original was badly damaged.

For the rest, the Castle is as nice as can be found anywhere.  There are no breaks or cracks in it.  The cardboard towers are straight with no bends or dents in them.  The lithos, inside and out, are very near perfect.   There are no tears, stains or bubbles in them.  The spring flagpole is straight, and the blue flag is complete.  The yellow drawbridge raises and lowers, making the correct clicking sound.  

The accessories are as nice as the building.  They are all here, and all are original to this set.  The only thing to mention is that the foam mattresses in the beds are replacements I put in because the originals have disintegrated as they always do.  Nothing is broken, cracked or damaged in any other way.  The horses and dragon are complete with all the proper number of ears, tails, etc.  Nothing is broken or missing.  The litho on the round table is perfect.  The Little People have wood bodies and plastic heads....except for the Silver Knight which only came in all plastic.  These are in excellent condition with nice clean face paint.  There are no chew marks on anything.

Finally the boxes.  The brown inner parts box is in good condition.  There are some marks on it (probably crayon scribbling), but it has no other damage.  It is sturdy and complete with all flaps attached.  The outer box has more damage.  It is also complete and has all its flaps, but it has several tears at the corners.  Some of the original litho on the box is missing where the original tape was torn off.  Also, someone put a strip of brown tape across one side.  Still, it's not too bad, and it's always nice to have the box for storage.  Here's a complete list of what you'll get:

Play Family Castle as described
Original box
Inner parts box
Two horses - one brown and one black
Pink dragon
Royal coach
One double and two twin yellow beds (replaced mattresses)
Two tall yellow thrones
Two short yellow thrones/chairs
Round table with steak litho
Yellow scalloped horse harness
White scalloped armored saddle
Wood/plastic King, Queen, Prince, Princess and Woodsman
All plastic Knight

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Castle - Wood Little People      Vintage Fisher Price Castle - accessories Vintage Fisher Price Castle - horses and dragon              

Vintage Fisher Price Castle - front    Vintage Fisher Price Castle - back

Vintage Fisher Price Castle - side 1       Vintage Fisher Price Castle - side 2

 Vintage Fisher Price Castle - inside 1           Vintage Fisher Price Castle - inside 2

Vintage Fisher Price Castle - moat      Vintage Fisher Price Castle - top
        Vintage Fisher Price Castle - back of box    Vintage Fisher Price Castle - box side 1     Vintage Fisher Price Castle - box side 2

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