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1970 Play Family Garage #930
Complete - Excellent Used Condition

Vintage Fisher Price Garage - Complete
This is the #930 Play Family Action Garage made by Fisher Price in 1970-1984.  The set is 100% complete and in beautiful used condition.  Actually the only problems I found are with the lithos on the top of the set.  Normally I would replace damaged lithos, but these are some of the best originals I have ever seen, so I've left them in place.  The numbered parking area litho has some minor bubbles, creases and stains.  And I do mean minor.  This litho is in remarkably good shape for its age as you can see from the last picture below.  The red litho atop the elevator tower also has minor creasing, and just one bubble in it.  The white lines you see in the picture are small creases, and are really much less noticeable in person than they are in the picture.

There is virtually no other damage on this Garage.  The rest of the lithos are just about perfect.  There are no breaks or cracks in the plastic parts.  The masonite base is complete, showing no bent or broken corners.  Everything works just as it should.  The elevator rides up and down smoothly, ringing the bell and lifting the gates at each level.  The red disk on the parking area turns, but it does seem to turn more smoothly when you turn the handle counter clockwise (I have no idea why this is).  The gas pump is complete with hose and nozzle intact.  

The accessories are as nice as the Garage.  The grease rack moves up and down smoothly...it does not get stuck.  The four color coded cars are in great shape; these do not have "Fisher Price Toys" on the wheels.  Finally I have included the correct wooden Little People for this set.  The yellow boy has a plastic head, but the other three have wooden heads.  The blue girl has both pigtals properly attached.  There are no chew marks on any of them.

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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         Vintage Fisher Price Garage - Little People       Vintage Fisher Price Garage - cars and lift

Vintage Fisher Price Garage - front   Vintage Fisher Price Garage - back     

Vintage Fisher Price Garage - bell side      Vintage Fisher Price Garage - ramp side         
           Vintage Fisher Price Garage - top view  

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