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1980 Play Family House #952
Complete with Many Extras - Excellent Condition

Vintage Fisher Price House - Complete +++
This is the second version of the #952 Play Family House made by Fisher Price in 1980-1987.  This is, I believe, the last Fisher Price playset made with wooden walls and a masonite base.  After this, just about everything was made in all plastic.  This set is waaaay more than complete.  It has all the original Little People and accessories, but I've added loads more.

First the House itself.  It's about as beautiful as you're ever going to find.  The one and only flaw I found is that there are some light spots on the garage floor and driveway.  These did not come off with gentle cleaning, and I didn't want to risk damaging the litho by being too aggressive.  But really, they are a very minor flaw.  The rest of the House is perfect indeed.  There are no breaks or cracks in either the wood or plastic parts.  The masonite base is complete with no bent or broken corners.  Aside from the garage floor, all the rest of the lithos are in pristine condition.  You'll find no tears, stains or bubbles on any of them.  The blue garage door rolls up and down smoothly, and the doorbell rings.  The handle and latch are intact so that the set locks up securely for carrying or storage.

On to the accessories.  I have no idea why Fisher Price was so stingy with the accessories for this set.  The only things originally included were:
Kitchen table with 4 chairs
One double bed and two twin beds
Two living room chairs with coffee table
Two-seater car
Blue Mom, Green Dad, Orange Boy, Blue Girl and Dog

These are all included, and everything is in great condition.  The only thing to note is that the mattresses in the beds are replacements I put in because the originals have disintegrated with age as they always do.  I have not glued these mattresses in, so they can be removed if you prefer.

So because I've always felt that this set should have more pieces, I am including the following:
Six-passenger mini bus
Brown couch to match the living room chairs
Turquoise washer and dryer
Yellow armchair for parents' bedroom
Truquoise wading pool
Two yellow lounge chairs
Two riding toys
Grandma, Grandpa, Red Girl and Yellow Boy

These added pieces are also in near mint condition.  Nothing is broken, cracked or damaged in any other way.  There are no chew marks on any of the pieces.

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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        Vintage Fisher Price House - Plastic Little People      

Vintage Fisher Price House - original accessories     Vintage Fisher Price House - extra accessories

Vintage Fisher Price House - front      Vintage Fisher Price House - back

      Vintage Fisher Price House - chimney side       Vintage Fisher Price House - garage side
        Vintage Fisher Price House - inside left              Vintage Fisher Price House - inside right

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