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Play Family Action Garage #930
Complete - Very Good Condition
Vintage Fisher Price Garage - Complete

Vintage Fisher Price Garage - box front

This is the #930 Play Family Action Garage made by Fisher Price in 1970-1984.  The set is complete in the original box, and in very good played-with condition.  However, it's not perfect and here's what I found:

The only serious flaw I find is that there is a semi-circular crack in the long white ramp. This does not go all the way through, and was obviously caused by the pressure of the yellow support column below the ramp.  The crack does not impede the function of the toy in any way.  It should also be noted that there are two replacement lithos on the Garage.  These are the big numbered parking lot litho on the top and the Fisher Price litho on the front.  Both of these are professionally made reproductions, and as such they are in mint condition.  Finally, one corner of the masonite base is "bumped".  That means that the layers of masonite have begun to separate.  They have been glued back together, and I believe they will hold....but I can't promise that they will.

For the rest, the Garage is in great condition.  There are no breaks or cracks in the plastic parts.  All the original liithos are in surprisingly good shape with no tears, stains or other damage.  The elevator works perfectly, ringing the bell and raising the stop signs at each level  The handle on the front turns the red disk on the top parking area.

The accessories are as nice as the Garage.  Included are the four single-passenger color coded cars, and four matching Little People.  The Little People have wood bodies.  The red boy and blue girl have wooden heads as well; the green and blue boys have plastic heads.  The girl has both her pigtails firmly attached.  The yellow boy has a tiny nick on the edge of the bill of his cap.  There is no other damage to any of these pieces.

Also included is the working grease rack.  This rolls up and down smoothly as it should.  Please note:  This mechanism can get stuck.  The way to fix it is to put one drop of oil (any kind - I use a glycerine cream) on the metal shaft.  That will loosen up the works again.  It always works.

Finally, the box.  This has not fared so well as the toy inside.  It has the usual wear and tear that you'd expect to find on a box this old; torn corners and such.  There is also some clear tape on the end flaps.  However all flaps are still attached, and the front graphic is in excellent shape so that this would display very nicely indeed.  Here's the complete list of what you'll get:

Play Family Garage as described
Original Box
Four cars
Four wood Little People
Green great rack/car lift

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Garage - Little People 

Vintage Fisher Price Garage - accessories
Vintage Fisher Price Garage - front     Vintage Fisher Price Garage - ramp   

Vintage Fisher Price Garage - back    Vintage Fisher Price Garage - elevator
   Vintage Fisher Price Garage - top          Vintage Fisher Price Garage - bumped corner
 Vintage Fisher Price Garage - crack      Vintage Fisher Price Garage - back of box

Vintage Fisher Price Garage - box side 1            Vintage Fisher Price Garage - box side 2