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1972 Play Family Airport #995
Beautiful Restored Condition

Vintage Fisher Price Airport - Complete
This is the #996 Play Family Airport made by Fisher Price in 1972-1976.  The set is 100% complete with all the original parts and in wonderful RESTORED condition.  My restoration consisted of replacing most of the lithos on the Airport with professionally made reproductions.  The two brown runway lithos on top are originals as is the cylinder litho inside the tower.  All the others are replacements, and as such, are in mint condition.  The original runway and tower lithos are in terrific condition, so there was no need to replace them.

The airport itself is as nice as you could want.  There are no breaks or cracks in the plastic. The handle on top spins the helicopter blades and the lugage carousal below. The big jet plane is in very good shape.  It does have some surface scratches and light discolorations on the white parts, but no other flaws.  The original lithos on the tail of the plane are great.  As you may know, the door of this plane tends to fall open.  However, I have inserted a tiny piece of Velcro on the inside of the door, which now opens very easily but stays closed when you want it to.

The other accessories are in beautiful condition as well.  You'll find no damage on any of them.  The Little People have wood bodies and plastic heads, as is correct for this set.  They are all in remarkably good shape with the exception of the short turquoise pilot.  As you can see in the picture below, he has considerable wear to his body paint, but he's the only one I have right now.  If I come across a better pilot for this set, I will certainly include him.....but no promises.  Here's a complete list of what you'll get:

Play Family Airport as described above
Large jet plane
Tug tractor
Jet fuel tanker
Two baggage carts; one yellow and one red
Two two-seater cars with luggage racks on back
Two round green suitcases
Two square yellow suitcases
Blue Mom
Green Dad
Red Girl with blond hair
Yellow boy with red cap
Short turquoise pilot
Turquoise stewardess

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Airport - Little People              Vintage Fisher Price Airport - Accessories

Vintage Fisher Price Airport - Jet 1        Vintage Fisher Price Airport - Jet 2
   Vintage Fisher Price Airport - front   Vintage Fisher Price Airport - back
   Vintage Fisher Price Airport - side      Vintage Fisher Price Airport - top runways
 Vintage Fisher Price Airport - opened