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1976 Play Family Hospital #931
100% Complete - Near Mint Condition

Vintage Fisher Price Hospital - Complete
This is the #931 Play Family Hospital made by Fisher Price in 1976-1978 only.  The set is 100% complete with all the original parts (plus one boy) and in really superb condition.

The building is perfect, as far as I can see.  There are no breaks or cracks in the plastic.  The lithos are all originals (no replacements) and appear to be flawless.  You'll find no tears, stains, bubbles or any other damages on any of them.  The elevator rolls up and down smoothly, as does the ambulance bay door.  The red call bell works just as it should.  Both hinges holding the fold down patio are undamaged so that the patio stays attached when you lower it.

The accessories are nearly as nice as the building.  However, there are a couple of things to note.  The foam mattresses in the beds are replacement I put in because the originals have disintegrated with age as they always do.  The spring inside the scale is partially sprung; the red pointer does not return all the way back to the #20 on the scale as it should.  This is, unfortunately, very common to this piece; a Hospital scale that works perfectly is a very rare find.  I have detected no flaws in any of the other accessories.  All are in like new condition; there is no damage to be found.

The all plastic Little People are the correct ones for this set.  As a bonus, I've added a yellow boy to the original 7 Little People.  I always thought this set should have a boy included, so I put one in.  All these pieces are in excellent condition.  I did notice a few light scratches on the Nurse's face mask, but these are minor.  There are no chew marks on any of the Little People or accessories.  Here's a complete list of what you'll get:

Play Family Hospital building as described
Two turquoise beds
Two turquoise side chairs
White privacy screen
X-ray machine (works perfectly)
Operating table with gas mask
Baby's bassinet
Scrub sink
Wheel chair
Gurney with velcro closure
Blue Mom, Green Dad, Yellow Boy, Red Girl
All white: Nurse, African American Doctor, White Doctor, Baby with no bib

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Hospital - Little People   Vintage Fisher Price Hospital - accessories               

Vintage Fisher Price Hospital - Front    Vintage Fisher Price Hospital - back

       Vintage Fisher Price Hospital - side 1   Vintage Fisher Price Hospital - side 2    Vintage Fisher Price Hospital - inside
             Vintage Fisher Price Hospital - Inside 2     Vintage Fisher Price Hospital - inside 3

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