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 1972 Merry-Go-Round #111
100% Complete in Box - Minty Condition

Vintage Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round - Complete

Vintage Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round - Box

This is the #111 Play Family Merry-Go-Round made by Fisher Price in 1972.  The set is 100% complete in the original box and in truly excellent condition.  Nothing is broken, cracked or damaged in any other way.  The masonite base is complete with no bent or broken corners.  All the lithos are in superb condition.  I don't like to use the word "mint" when describing these old toys, but this one comes really close.  I cannot find one thing wrong with it.

The Merry-Go-Round is in great working condition.  When you wind it up and flip the switch to "on", the Merry-Go-Round turns, the music plays "The Skaters Waltz", and the angry boy operating the ride rocks back and forth. This one occassionally makes that strange clicking sound that is so common with this toy.  I've played it several times, and you get the clicking sound only rarely.  There seems to be no pattern....and of course I have no idea of why this happens.  It just does.  The musical movement was made in Japan.

Included are four Little People with wood bodies and plastic heads.  These are also in minty condition with nice clean face paint.  There are no chew marks on any of them.  You will notice that these are not the same Little People as depicted on the box.  This is quite usual for the old Fisher Price toys.  These may (or may not) have been the Little People that originally came with this Merry-Go-Round.  There's really no way to sell.  But this is how I found it, so this is how I'm selling it.

The box is not in the greatest condition.  The flaps on one end were apparently torn off and then repaired with clear tape.  Also, one end flap has also been repaired with the same clear tape.  However, now all flaps are reattached, and aside from the various pieces of tape on it, the box doesn't look too bad at all.  The front graphic is clean and bright with just slight wear, so this should display pretty well.

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round - front             Vintage Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round - back   

Vintage Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round - side 1     Vintage Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round - side 2

Vintage Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round - Wood Little People     Vintage Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round - patent

         Vintage Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round - back of box       Vintage Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round - box side 1
             Vintage Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round - box side 2           Vintage Fisher Price Merry-Go-Round - inside box

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