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1980 Play Family Fire Station #928
Complete - Near Mint

Vintage Fisher Price Fire Station - Complete

This is the #928 Play Family Fire Station made by Fisher Price in 1980-1982 only.  The set is 100% complete with all the original parts and in excellent condition.  It's not quite perfect though, and here's what I found:

The Fire Station building is in great shape.  There are no breaks or cracks in the plastic.  The big front door rolls up and down smoothly and the bell rings as the door opens.  The large litho on the front of the building is in perfect condition.  The two interior lithos are complete, but do have some minor creasing as can be seen in the pictures below.  This is minor as these two interior lithos have no tears, stains or bubbles in them.

All the original accessories are included.  The one and only problem I see is that one of the yellow ladders is a bit bent.  If I can find a better yellow ladder in my collection, I will replace the bent one, although I can't promise that one will be found.  All the rest of the accessories are as perfect as you could want; I find no damage at all on any of them.  The Little People are all plastic and in very good played with condition.  There are no chew marks on anything.  Here's a complete list of what you'll get:

Fire Station building
Gray practice tower
Fire truck with triple extension ladder
Two yellow truck stabilizers
Two connecting black hoses
Two striped road barricades
Two yellow connecting ladders
Fire Chief's car
Two firemen with red hats and arms
One fireman with white hat and arms
Dalmation dog

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Fire Station - Little People   Vintage Fisher Price Fire Station - accessories

Vintage Fisher Price Fire Station - hook and ladder    Vintage Fisher Price Fire Station - tower and vehicles

Vintage Fisher Price Fire Station - front          Vintage Fisher Price Fire Station - side  
     Vintage Fisher Price Fire Station - inside 1         Vintage Fisher Price Fire Station - inside 2        

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