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1979 Ferry Boat #932
Complete - Near Mint

Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - Complete

This is the #932 Play Family Ferry Boat made by Fisher Price in 1979 for one year only.  The reason for this is that it was advertised as a toy that could be used in the water, much like the earlier Play Family Houseboat.  However, it soon became clear that the lithos on the Ferry were far from waterproof.  When they got wet they faded and usually fell off as well.  It was one of the few mistakes that Fisher Price made in their manufacturing of the Play Family line of toys.  As a result, very few of these Ferry Boats still exist, and even fewer in the condition of this one.  

The lithos on this Ferry are in great shape, with only very slight damage.  The worst are the two bird lithos on either side (see last two pictures below) and even these are in pretty good shape.  All the lithos are complete and well attached with no stains or missing pieces.  The boat itself is in like-new condition.  There are of course no breaks or cracks in the plastic.  The red striped barricades inside raise and lower just as they should, the yellow whistle on top works, and the double steering wheel turns.  Best of all, the extremely rare removeable back ramp is included.  This piece was almost always lost and is incredibly hard to find.  The original pull string is attached.

All the correct accessories are included.  Included are:

Ferry Boat as described above
Blue and white life boat
White/green single passenger car
Green/white two passenger car
Two yellow life preservers
Blue Captain with mustache
Blue Mom with blond hair
Orange African American Dad (exclusive to this set)

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - Little People  Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - accessories               

Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - side view   Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - front  Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - back

Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - ramp   Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - bottom         
             Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - litho 1            Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - litho 2

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