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1972 Play Family Houseboat #985
Complete - Near Mint

Vintage Fisher Price Houseboat - Complete

This is the #985 Play Family Houseboat made by Fisher Price in 1972.  The set is 100% complete with all the original pieces and in truly excellent condition.  
The Houseboat itself is very near perfect. There are a couple of very minor flaws, which are:

1.  There is a "dimple" in the yellow plastic flag.  It appears that someone poked at it with a pencil point or other sharp implement.  It is not a hole in the flag, but merely the dimple as described.

2.  On the bottom of the boat is a small (1/2 inch) round rough spot.  It was caused at the Fisher Price factory by a bit of glue.  I was able to remove the glue, but the little rough patch remains.

3.  There is just the tiniest bit of wear to the captain's console litho.  It's at the fold.  Barely noticeable, but I like to mention everything I see.  

All the above imperfections are pretty hard to see with the naked eye, but I have posted close up pictures below so that you can get a good look.

 I can find no other flaws on the Houseboat.  The white deck is a true white and not yellowed with age.  All the lithos are in minty condition with no tears, stains or bubbles.  When you roll the Houseboat, the Captain's chair and steering wheel  turn back and forth, and the boat makes the correct clicking sound.  The flag atop the spring flagpole is complete, and the red diving board slides in and out just as it should.  The original pull string is attached.

The accessories are just as nice as the boat.  They are all original to this set.  The lobster dinner litho on the red table has only the tiniest amount of corner wear.  The meat litho on the grill is perfect.  Included are the two hard to find life preservers which are also in great shape.  The all plastic Little People have nice clean face paint.  There are no chew marks on anything.   Here's a complete list of what you'll get:

Houseboat as described above
Blue and white dinghy
Two yellow lounge chairs
Two red chairs
Two yellow life preservers
Yellow grill
Dining table with lobster litho
Captain Dad
Blue Mom
Red Girl
Yellow Boy
Lucky the Dog

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Houseboat - Little People         Vintage Fisher Price Houseboat - accesories     

   Vintage Fisher Price Houseboat - side 1    Vintage Fisher Price Houseboat - side 2   

Vintage Fisher Price Houseboat - front         Vintage Fisher Price Houseboat - back

       Vintage Fisher Price Houseboat - bottom          Vintage Fisher Price Houseboat - dimple in flag
        Vintage Fisher Price Houseboat - Glue Spot                Vintage Fisher Price Houseboat - wear

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