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1966 Musical Ferris Wheel #969
Complete in Box  - Excellent Condition

Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - Complete in Box

This is the first version of the #969 Musical Ferris Wheel made by Fisher Price in 1966-1972.  Being the first version, it comes with the smaller, straight-sided Little People, and the seats on the Ferris Wheel were made with posts to keep them from falling out.  It is complete and in perfect working condition, but there are some issues.  Here's what I found:

The first thing to note is that the litho on the ticket booth has some wear.  There is one small stain just to the right of the turn knob, and a little piece of the litho is missing at the right of the knob.  I did not replace this litho because most people prefer to have the original ones.....and this one isn't bad at all.  There is really no other damage to mention.  All the lithos are originals; they have no damage except for the one just mentioned.  The base is solid with no bent or broken corners.

The Ferris Wheel is in excellent working condition.  When you wind it up, the wheel turns and the music plays "In The Good Old Summertime"....all at the correct speed.  Also, the angry boy "operating" the ride rocks back and forth just as he should.

The four original all wood Little People that came with this set are included.  All are in excellent condition with nice clean face paint and no chew marks.  The dog has both his plastic ears properly attached.

The box is not perfect, but it's one of the better ones I've seen for this toy.  There is the usual corner and edge wear you'd expect to see on a box this old.  There is also a tear along the top of the box which has been repaired with clear tape.  This box should display quite nicely.

Finally, I've included the original promotional brochure that came with this Ferris Wheel.  You'll also get the original Fisher Price Musical Toy Guarantee.....although I'm sure it has expired by now.  I'm also including a reproduction litho for the front of the ticket booth in case the new owner wants to replace the slightly damaged one.  This is professionally made and is, of course, in perfect condition.  Instructions for application of the replacement litho will be included as well.

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - front            Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - back                 

Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - side 1          Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - side 2      

Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - base        Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - wood Little People                
Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - Box front     Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - box back

Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - box side 1        Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - box side 2          Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - brochure   Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - Repro litho

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