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1971 Play Family Farm #915
Complete - Near Mint in Box

Vintage Fisher Price Farm - Complete in Box

Vintage Fisher Price Farm - box

This is the #915 Play Family Farm made by Fisher Price from 1968 to 1985.  What we have here is the 1971 version of the Farm sold exclusively through JC Penney stores.  We know this because the one sold by Penney in 1971 is the only version of the Farm to include the white horse and brown cow.  Usually it's kind of hard to pin down the exact year of a Fisher Price Farm set, but in this case there is absolutely no doubt.

The set is 100% complete in the original box and in as close to mint condition as you'll ever see.  I've gone over everything very carefully, and the only imperfection I can find on the Barn is a very minor bit of age yellowing on the handles that open the hayloft doors and on the left door itself.  See close-up picture below.  I also found one pin-head size spot of wear on the big Fisher Price litho on the roof.  And that's all.  There are no breaks or cracks anywhere on the barn.  The lithos, inside and out, are just perfect....except for that one little spot mentioned above.  The masonite base is perfect with no bent or broken corners.  Best of all, the left barn door opens and closes with a nice long, clear moo sound.

The silo is perfect.  There is no wear on it at all.  What more can I say?  :)

On to the accessories.  Everything here is in fabulous condition.  Nothing is broken, cracked or damaged in any other way.  However, please note that the two small lithos on the sides of the tractor are not the originals.  They are replacements I attached because the originals were missing when I found this set.  Everything else here is 100% original.  The horse, cow, sheep, dog and pig have the hex nuts in their bellies.  The hen and rooster have square holes underneath, which makes them perfect for fence sitting.  All the animals are complete; there are no missing ears, tails, etc.  The white dog does have slight age yellowing.  Not bad, but I like to mention everything I find.  The Little People have wood heads and bodies.  These are in incredible condition as you can see from the picture below.  The girl has both pigtails firmly attached.  There are no chew marks on anything.

Finally, the box.  This is in amazing shape.  Oh, it's got a bit of edge and corner wear as must be expected.  But it is sturdy and complete with all flaps attached.  This will certainly display beautifully.

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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   Vintage Fisher Price Farm - Wooden Little People      Vintage Fisher Price Farm - cow and horse

Vintage Fisher Price Farm - small animals    Vintage Fisher Price Farm - hex nut in animals

Vintage Fisher Price Farm - accessories
         Vintage Fisher Price Farm - front    Vintage Fisher Price Farm - back   

Vintage Fisher Price Farm - side 1     Vintage Fisher Price Farm - side 2       Vintage Fisher Price Farm - silo

Vintage Fisher Price Farm - roof            Vintage Fisher Price Farm - hayloft doors
    Vintage Fisher Price Farm - back of box    Vintage Fisher Price Farm - side of box    Vintage Fisher Price Farm - copyright

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