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1979 Ferry Boat #932
100% Complete in Box - Excellent Condition

Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - Complete

Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - box
This is the #932 Play Family Ferry Boat made by Fisher Price in 1979-1980.  It is 100% complete in the box and in excellent condition.  Not quite perfect though, and here's what I found:

First, I suspect that this toy was made for only two years because, although advertised as a bathtub toy, it turns out that the lithos used on it were not at all water proof like the ones on the #985 Houseboat.  In fact the original lithos on this toy would wrinkle up and fall off when wet.  This is why it's so hard to find a Ferry Boat in good condition.  So.....the large "Fisher Price" lithos on the two sides of this boat are professionally made reproductions that I have attached to replace the ones that were destroyed.  The rest of the lithos on this toy are the originals, and they are still in great condition...except one.  There is wear to one of the pelican lithos. It shows a white spot above the pelican's head, and I'm not sure if that is wear or a spot of white paint. There is also minor wear at the bottom of that same lithos.  See the close up picture below.

For the rest, there's no damage to be seen on this item.  There are no breaks or cracks in the plastic.  The red and black gates inside raise and lower as they should.  And yes, even the always elusive fold down ramp on the back of the boat is present and working.  When you roll the boat, it makes the correct clicking sound and the yellow whistle on top still makes its toot-toot sound.  The original pull string is attached.

Very few accessories came with this set, but they are all here.  They are one single-passenger car, one two-passenger car, a blue and white dinghy and two yellow life preservers.  All are in excellent shape.  There is no damage to be found here.  And of course the three original plastic Little People are here as well.  Included is the orange-bodied African American man (without a beard) which was exclusive to this set and therefore pretty hard to find. There are no chew marks on anything.

Finally the box.  And what a find this is.  It is sturdy and whole with all flaps attached. Outside of a very small amount of shelf wear, it looks fabulous.  No tears or dents, and the only tape on it is the original factory tape still on the unopened side.  This will display beautifully.

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - Little People      Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - accessories            

Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - side one   Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - side two

 Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - front           Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - back   Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - back opened    Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - damage

             Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - box back     Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - box side 1     Vintage Fisher Price Ferry Boat - box side 2

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