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1973 Musical Ferris Wheel #969
Complete - Beautiful Condition
Second Version
Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - Complete

This  is the second version of the #969 Musical Ferris Wheel made by Fisher Price in 1973-1980.  We know it's the second version because the seats on the ferris wheel do NOT have posts in them.  Those seats with posts were only on the first version and made to hold the original all wood straight sided Little People.  This version was meant to hold the "regular" shaped Little People of the 1970s.

The toy is complete with all the correct Little People and in fabulous condition.  One thing to note is that the litho on the front of the wheelhouse is NOT ORIGINAL.  It's a replacement I applied because the original was destroyed.  As such, it is in perfect MINT condition.  Everything else on this toy is original.  

There are no breaks or cracks in the ferris wheel.  The masonite base is complete with no bent or broken corners.  If you look at the last two pictures below, you will see a few light water marks on the green base litho.  These are truly much less noticeable in person, but I have enhanced the pictures to give you a good look.  Even with these minor flaws, this is one of the cleanest base lithos I've ever come across. The rest of the lithos are in very good condition as well.  There are no tears or stains in any of them, and just a few bubbles as one would expect on a toy this old.  The four plastic Little People are in great shape as well.  There are no chew marks on any of them.

Best of all, this ferris wheel is in perfect working condition.  When you wind it up the music plays, the wheel turns, and the angry boy operating the ride rocks back and forth.  The song played is "The Skaters' Waltz", and it plays at the correct speed.  The musical movement for this toy was made in Japan.


As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - Little People    Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - wheelhouse               

Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - back   Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - side 1    Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - side 2     

Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - base front      Vintage Fisher Price Ferris Wheel - base back         

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