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1985 Play Family Farm #915
Complete in Box - Near Mint Condition

Vintage Fisher Price Farm - Complete in Box

Vintage Fisher Price Farm - box front
This is the final version of the #915 Play Family Farm made by Fisher Price in 1969-1985.  We know this is the 1985 version because the barn is made with a brown plastic base.  This brown base was available for one year only and distributed exclusively through Sears, which makes this particular version rather hard to find.  The set is 100% complete with all the original pieces and in very near mint condition.  Actually, I'm tempted to say MINT condition...but I hesitate to use that word in describing a used toy.  But the fact is that I've checked this set over very carefully and can't find one single thing wrong with it.

First the barn and silo:  Fabulous condition.  There are of course no breaks or cracks in the building or the base.  The lithos on all sides are complete with no tears, stains, bubbles or missing pieces.  The hayloft doors slide open and closed smoothly.  The left barn door still makes the moo sound when you open it.  The silo is just as nice as the barn.  There are no dings or dents in it, and the litho all around looks perfect.  The white plastic top fits securely.

The accessories are in minty condition as well.  The animals have all their ears, tails, etc. properly attached.  Nothing is broken or missing.  The tractor has original lithos on both sides.  The white pieces (fences, trough and harness) are a true white with no signs of age yellowing.  The four all plastic Little People are correct for this version of the Farm set.  They too are in like new condition.  There are no chew marks on anything.

The box is NOT in mint condition, but it's in really good shape for a cardboard box this old.  You'll find some shelf wear and some damage on one side where the box was originally opened.  But it is very sturdy and complete with all flaps still attached.  Here's a complete list of what you'll get:

Barn as described
Original box
Silo with removeable top
Brown horse
White cow
Brown dog
White sheep
Black pig
White hen
Red rooster
Red tractor
Yellow cart
Four white fence sections
White feed trough and horse harness
Blue Dad
Yellow Mom
Green Girl
Blue Boy

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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      Vintage Fisher Price Farm - Little People        Vintage Fisher Price Farm - animals

Vintage Fisher Price Farm - accessories

Vintage Fisher Price Farm - front      Vintage Fisher Price Farm - back     

Vintage Fisher Price Farm - side 1         Vintage Fisher Price Farm - side 2

    Vintage Fisher Price Farm - top       Vintage Fisher Price Farm - opened
             Vintage Fisher Price Farm - box 1   Vintage Fisher Price Farm - box 2

Vintage Fisher Price Farm - box 3              Vintage Fisher Price Farm - box 4

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