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 1982 Western Town #934
Complete +++ 
Excellent Condition
Vintage Fisher Price Western Town - Complete

This is the #934 Play Family Western Town made by Fisher Price in 1982-1984.  The set is 100% complete with all the original parts, plus I have added a few extras.  More on that later.  This toy is in excellent condition; the only real problem I found is that the litho on one side of the building has a few bubbles and spots of wear in it.  See the last picture below for details.

The building is otherwise in fabulous shape.  There are no breaks or cracks in the plastic.  All the lithos, except the one mentioned above, are in near perfect condition.  There are no tears or stains in any of them.  All door are properly attached and functioning.  The moving walkway on the top works just as it should.

The accessories have no problems to mention.  This set originally came with two horses; one black and one brown.  But I always felt there should be three horses included, so I've added an extra brown one.  The three horses have all the correct number of ears, tails, etc.  Nothing is broken.  The set also included only four Little People, but I've added a couple of extra cowboys...just for fun.

Western Town building as described
Three horses - One black and two brown
Green stagecoach with removable orange roof
Gold buckboard wagon
Four white fence sections
Two brown harnesses
Brown saddle
Green suitcase
Tan crate
Blue Sheriff with badge
Red Cowboy with black hat
Orange Indian Chief
Yellow Ranch Lady
Extra blue cowboy
Extra green cowboy

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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             Vintage Fisher Price Western Town - Little People 

Vintage Fisher Price Western Town - horses

Vintage Fisher Price Western Town - accessories

Vintage Fisher Price Western Town - front    Vintage Fisher Price Western Town - back     

Vintage Fisher Price Western Town - side 1     Vintage Fisher Price Western Town - side 2         
      Vintage Fisher Price Western Town - box front       



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