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1975 Kenner Tree Tots Family Treehouse
Complete in Box - Near Mint Condition

Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - Complete in Box    Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - Box       

This is the Family Tree House featuring the Tree Tots made by Kenner in 1975.  The set is 100% complete in the original box, and in very close to MINT condition.  If I weren't so picky, I'd call the Tree House itself MINT, but I hesitate to use that term in describing an old toy.  However, it looks perfect to me; if there's anything wrong with this piece, I certainly can't find it.

There are no breaks or cracks in the plastic.  There is no damage of any kind to any of the lithos.  The fold-up stairs are attached and undamaged.  The elevator rides up and down smoothly, and the brown door in the tree trunk is properly attached and working.  The entire set opens with a push of the button on top, and then snaps shut securely for storage.  The carry handle on top is perfect as well.

On to the accessories.  You'll see from the picture below that the Tree Tots are in very good condition, showing only a bit of paint wear. The rest of the accessories are really beautiful.  No damage to be found on any of them.  The white furniture is a true white; there is no age yellowing on them.  The tiny table has it's original litho.  The dog house bush is in fabulous shape, as is the always hard to find swing with ropes.  There are no chew marks on anything in this set.

The box shows quite a bit of wear.  It has several creases and small tears, but it is complete and sturdy with all flaps attached.  Also included is the original instruction sheet for this set.  This is a bit faded with age, but it's mostly in good shape.  Here's a complete list of what you'll get:

Family Tree House as described
Original box
Instruction sheet
Four seater red car
Two white beds
White sofa
Four white chairs
Yellow rocking chair
Small table with litho
Dog house bush
Yellow swing with green ropes
Dad - Treemont
Mom - Willow
Boy - Chip
Girl - Honey
Dog - Barky

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - Tots

Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - accessories         Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - doghouse and swing      

                Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - kitchen    Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - living room    

Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - bedroom       Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - closed

    Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - Box 1   Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - box 2      Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - box 3

Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - box 4        Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Treehouse - instructions

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