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1963 Junior Circus #902
Complete in Canister - Near Mint

Junior Circus - 1
This is the #902 Junior Circus made by Fisher Price in 1963-1970.  The set is 100% complete with all the original parts.  The only thing missing is the instruction sheet.  Everything is in very good to excellent condition, but it's not perfect.  Here's what I found:

First, the monkey's pipe cleaner tail is not original.  It's a replacement I put in because the original had come off.  There is some minor paint wear on the ends of the red ladders.  This is quite normal for this toy as the ladders were put into and taken out of the yellow center ring many times.  Also, there are some dents in the red tin lid, but this does not affect how well the canister closes.  Finally, I found some scratches on the red ball that fits on the seal's nose.  There is also a black indented dot on it.  It looks like someone was poking at it with a pencil.  Please see the close up pictures below.

Otherwise there's nothing to criticize here.  All of the performers are in excellent condition.  None are broken, and the paper lithos on both sides of each piece are complete.  The plastic legs (and arms) on all the performers are nice and tight so that they can be posed however you like.  There is no damage to any of the other accessories.

The canister looks terrific with perfect lithos all around and a well fitting tin top.  Here's a complete list of what you'll get:

Canister with tin lid
Monkey, Tiger, Dog, Giraffe, Elephant, Ringmaster,
Clown, Pony, Seal, Dog and Bear
Center ring
Two red wood ladders
Two yellow ladder connectors
Two yellow wood poles
Aerial pivot
Black wood tub
Red ball for seal's nose

As with all my toys, this set has been carefully cleaned before listing.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Junior Circus - 2         Junior Circus - 3

Junior Circus  -4   Fisher Price Junior Circus - Animals, side 1

  Fisher Price Junior Circus - accessories           Fisher Price Junior Circus - inside can
             Fisher Price Junior Circus - lid        Fisher Price Junior Circus - red ball

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