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 Vintage Little People Mint on Card

Vintage Fisher Price Little People Mint on Card
This is an unused  (sealed on the card) set of vintage Fisher Price Little People.  The set is #663 and the card is marked  ©1966.  From what I can tell by just looking through the plastic bubble, the four children have wood bodies and plastic heads.  The Mom and Dad figures appear to have wooden heads as well as bodies...but Iím not going to open the packaging to find out for sure.  The dog appears to be all plastic.

The Little People are absolutely MINT of course.  The packaging is good, but not perfect.  There are some bends in the card but no tears, and the plastic bubble (or the white cardboard backing) has yellowed somewhat with age.  Still, itís a very nice set for the discerning collector.

  Vintage Fisher Price Little People Mint on Card