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1970 Mini Bus #141
Complete with Little People
Vintage Fisher Price MiniBus - Complete

This is the #141 Play Family Mini Bus made by Fisher Price from 1970-1985...which makes it kind of hard to tell when this exact one was produced.  Anyway, the Mini Bus is in excellent used condition.  There are no breaks or cracks in the plastic. The lithos on all sides are complete with no tears or stains.  The only problem I see with it is that there are some minor surface scratches on it, which is consistent with normal play.  

Included are five all plastic Little People.  These are in excellent shape with no chew marks on them.  As you roll the Mini Bus the Little People bounce up and down in their seats.

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 Vintage Fisher Price Mini Bus - left side      Vintage Fisher Price Mini Bus - right side
   Vintage Fisher Price Mini Bus - front         Vintage Fisher Price Mini Bus - back
Vintage Fisher Price Mini Bus - top view   

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