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#909 Play Family Rooms Dining Table & Chairs
Dots on back of chairs

Vintage Fisher Price #909 Rooms Dining Room Set

These are the dining room (or kitchen) pieces from the #909 Play Family Rooms set.  A couple of things to note:  First, the litho on the table is perfect....perhaps too perfect.  It may be a replacement.  I don't really know.  This is the way I found it.

All four chairs are the earliest version with the dot marking (not the triangle) on the back.  Three are in excellent condition.  The fourth one has a small melt mark on the right armrest and a bit of wear on the top edge.  See close up picture below.

  Vintage Fisher Price #909 Rooms Dot Back Chairs   Dot Back Chairs
   Vintage Fisher Price #909 Rooms Dining Chair  Wear on right arm and top edge

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