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1957 Humpty Dumpty #757

Great Vintage Condition
Vintage Fisher Price Humpty Dumpty - view 1

I'm really excited to offer this rare item for sale.  It is the #757 Humpty Dumpty pull toy made by Fisher Price in 1957.  This toy is hard to find in any condition because it was sold only in 1957 and at Easter in 1958.  The few times I've come across this item, it has been badly damaged.  Not so with this one.  It's in amazing shape for a toy that's over 50 years old.  The lithos on both sides are very nearly complete, showing only a bit of wear at the hinge where Humpty Dumpty folds to sit.  I also found a water stain on his right leg on the "frowning" side.  You can see these flaws in the pictures below.  

Humpty Dumpty is in otherwise terrific condition.  There are no breaks or cracks in the wood.  The lithos on both sides show virtually no wear except as mentioned above.  The lithos do have VERY fine wrinkles from age, but even these are so slight that they do not even show up in the pictures.  I had to hold the toy under a bright light to see them.  The bells that are his hands still ring, and they are nice and shiny.  The original pull string is attached.

I've given this item just a superficial wipe down to remove the decades of dust.  There are some areas that look a bit dirty, but I'm going to leave any further cleaning to the new owner.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

To purchase this item, click on "Back to Pull Toys" at the top of this page.  Humpty Dumpty is #401 in the list.

Vintage Fisher Price Humpty Dumpty - view 2  
Vintage Fisher Price Humpty Dumpty - view 3   
   Vintage Fisher Price Humpty Dumpty - view 4
Vintage Fisher Price Humpty Dumpty - view 5 

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