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1940 Tiny Ding-Dong #767
Fabulous Vintage Condition
Vintage Fisher Price Tiny Ding-Dong - side 1

This is the #767 Tiny Ding-Dong pull toy made by Fisher Price for one year only in 1940.  A second version was made in 1941, but it had only 4 wheels.  This is the original 6-wheel version.  This one is in the most incredible condition for a toy that's over 70 years old.  First I'll tell you what's wrong with it.

Not much.  The rubber treads on the wheels are missing.  The metal piece on the front of the "boiler" has blackend with age, but it's not rusted.  There is some very minor oxidation (rust) on the bell, and a bit of paint wear on the bottom of the blue platform.

Now the good news.  I have never seen this toy in such beautiful condition before.  There are no breaks or cracks anywhere on it.  The cardboard boiler is complete with no dents in it.  The lithos, all around, are close to perfect.  I see just a few very small spots of edge wear on Tiny....hardly worth mentioning, but I like to point out whatever I find.  The original pull string with red bead on the end is still attached, although there are a couple of knots in the string.

This toy is in excellent working condition.  When you roll it, Tiny's right arm moves back and forth ringing the bell.  PLEASE NOTE:  When you roll the toy, it does make a loud screeching sound. I'm guessing this could be fixed with proper lubrication, but I'm going to leave that job to the new owner.

I've given this item a superficial wipe down to remove the decades of dust.  I have not attempted any further cleaning.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Tiny Ding-Dong - side 2  
Vintage Fisher Price Tiny Ding-Dong - front          Vintage Fisher Price Tiny Ding-Dong - back
   Vintage Fisher Price Tiny Ding-Dong - bottom

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