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1951 Donald Duck with Cart #500
Excellent Vintage Condition
Vintage Fisher Price Donald Duck Cart - side 1

This is the #500 Donald Duck with Cart made by Fisher Price in 1951 ONLY.  There were several versions of the Donald Duck Cart made between 1937 and 1953, but this particular version was produced for just one year in 1951.   It is in surprisingly excellent condition for a toy that is well over 60 years old.

There are no breaks, cracks or repairs anywhere on this piece.  The lithos on both sides of Donald are complete with no tears, stains or bubbles in them.  However I did notice some very minor wrinkles in the lithos which is caused by the drying out  of the wood underneath.  This is apparently unavoidable on these very old paper over wood toys.    The paint on the red cart is very nearly complete.  There are a few spots on the edges where the paint has worn off.  You can see these areas in the pictures.  There's also slight paint wear on the blue wooden wheels.  Again, these are minor flaws considering the age of this toy.

This Donald Duck Cart is in great working condition.  When you roll it, Donald's arms swing back and forth.  The clicker on the bottom still works too.  But in addition to the original clicking sound, you'll also hear a screeching noise.  Apparently this could use some lubrication, but I won't attempt that.  The original pull string is attached, although the red bead on the end is missing.

I've given this item just a superficial wipe down to remove the decades of dust.  I'll leave any further cleaning to the new owner.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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  Vintage Fisher Price Donald Duck Cart - side 2
Vintage Fisher Price Donald Duck Cart - Front View      Vintage Fisher Price Donald Duck Cart - back view   
Vintage Fisher Price Donald Duck Cart - bottom   

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