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1942 The Toy Wagon #171
Excellent Vintage Condition
Vintage Fisher Price Toy Wagon - excellent

This is the #171 The Toy Wagon made by Fisher Price in 1942-1947.   This is one of the larger Fisher Price Pull toys.  It measures 18 inches in length. This one is in really incredibe condition, especially considering that it is over 70 years old.  The only real flaw I found is that there is a small piece of litho missing on the top right corner on one side of the wagon.  This can be clearly seen in the picture above.  The area missing the litho measures approximately 2 inches long.

Other than that, this is about as fine an example of this toy you will ever see.  There are no breaks or cracks in the wood in either the wagon, base or horses.  Aside from the missing piece mentioned above, the lithos are 100% complete and quite clean showing no significant stains.  The lithos on the horses are still nice and white.  The lithos on the wagon do show those fine wrinkles caused by the drying out of the wood underneath, but I don't find them to be a major distraction.  The lithos on the horses do not have this flaw; they are still nice and smooth.

The Toy Wagon works perfectly.  When you roll it the horses rock up and down and the bell rings.  The bell itself has some age blackening which I'm sure can be polished out.  I'll leave that to the new owner.  There is no rust on it or any of the other metal parts.  The original pull string, with red bead, is still attached.

I have wiped the decades of dust off this item, but will leave any further cleaning to the new owner.

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Vintage Fisher Price Toy Wagon - side 2  
Vintage Fisher Price Toy Wagon - front
 Vintage Fisher Price Toy Wagon - back

Vintage Fisher Price Toy Wagon - bottom

Vintage Fisher Price Toy Wagon - label 

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