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1949 Mickey Mouse Choo-Choo #485
Fair to Good Used Condition
Vintage Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Choo-Choo - side 1

Vintage Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Choo-Choo - side 2

This is the #485 Mickey Mouse Choo-Choo pull toy made by Fisher Price in 1949-1954.  I guess this could be considered to be in Fair/Good condition.  It's all there and it works just fine, but there are some issues.

The main issue is the condition of the lithos.  They are in tolerable condition, but you'll see wrinkles in them.  Some are the fine wrinkles that are associated with the shrinking of the wood underneath.  This is quite common, and to be expected.  However I found some more distinct wrinkles in the litho on the engine of this train, which I believe you can see in the second picture above.  There's some edge wear (not bad) and some random spot of wear.   There some oxidation (rust) on the bell.  Again, not bad for a toy this old, but certainly noticeable.

The toy is in great working shape.  As you pull it along, Mickey swings his mallet, ringing the bell.  The pull string is original to this toy, but the button on the end is clearly a replacement.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Choo-Choo - front edge        Vintage Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Choo-Choo - bottom

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