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1946 Bunny Cart #15
Amazing Condition
Vintage Fisher Price  Bunny Cart - side 1

This is the #15 Bunny Cart pull toy made by Fisher price in 1946-48.  The thing that's so amazing about it is that it looks nearly new....and it is about 70 years old.  Someone took VERY good care of this toy.

That's not to say that it is perfect.  Just close.  Here's what I found.  There is a small amount of wear to the top edge of the cardboard basket.  I also found one tiny spot of edge wear below the bunny's left foot (see last picture below).  There also appears to be some sort of scribbling inside the bottom of the basket.  Finally, the original pull string is attached, but the button that should be on the end of the string is missing.

All that being said, this is the very nicest Bunny Cart I have come across in my more than 18 years of collecting.  The lithos are 99.9% complete.  There are no breaks or cracks in the wood, and no dents in the basket.  The lithos are totally clean and well attached.  I find no tears, stains, or even bubbles in them.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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  Vintage Fisher Price  Bunny Cart - side 2
   Vintage Fisher Price  Bunny Cart - bottom
   Vintage Fisher Price  Bunny Cart - top view
Vintage Fisher Price  Bunny Cart - back           Vintage Fisher Price  Bunny Cart - label

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