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1938 Buddy Bronc #430
Amazing Condition
Vintage Fisher Price Buddy Bronc - Side 1          Vintage Fisher Price Buddy Bronc - Side 2

This is the #430 Buddy Bronc made by Fisher Price in 1938.  This toy was made for one year only, which makes it a very rare find.  
The lithos on both sides are about 95% complete.  There is wear to them on the edges, but there are no torn or missing pieces.  The lithos  do show the fine wrinkles which are caused by the drying out of the wood underneath them, but this is to be expected.  There are no breaks or cracks in the wood.  The rubber treads on the wheels are missing, as is the original pull string.  

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  There is a line of purple ink along the entire "spine" of the horse.  The pictures below show this line on front, back and top views of this toy.  Again is appears to be an ink line....It is definitely NOT a crack in the wood.

If you look at Buddy's left leg, you will see that it was attached backwards.  Some people may find this factory error (or Whoops) to be a good thing as it makes this item unique.  Others may consider it to be a flaw.  You can make up your own mind about this.

Buddy Bronc works, but not perfectly.  When you roll it, Buddy moves...but stiffly.  It probably needs some sort of lubrication, but I won't attempt that.  It also squeaks when you roll it.  I do not know if lubrication will bring back the clip-clop noise it originally made. 

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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                                                                Vintage Fisher Price Buddy Bronc - Front Edge             Vintage Fisher Price Buddy Bronc - back edge    Vintage Fisher Price Buddy Bronc -top view
Vintage Fisher Price Buddy Bronc - Bottom   

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