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 Big Bill Pelican

Including box and Cardboard Fish
Fisher Price Big Bill Pelican Complete

This is the #794 Big Bill Pelican made by Fisher Price in 1961.  It is near mint in the original box and even includes the hard to find cardboard fish which was only made the first few years of production.

 The toy appears to have been played with very little, if at all.  The only sign of age I can find is that there are a few very light spots on the right wing and one on the left side of the face.  These can be seen in the large pictures Iíve posted, but they are barely noticeable.  There is no other damage to be found.  The lithos are otherwise in perfect condition with no wear at all.  The head feathers are complete.  There are no breaks or cracks in the plastic bill or feet.  The original pull string is attached.

This toy is in perfect working condition.  When you pull it, the big beak opens and closes and it makes a loud squawking noise. The small cardboard fish is in absoluely mint condition.

Even the box is in pretty good shape.  There are a few small tears and stains as is to be expected, but the box is sturdy and complete with all flaps attached
Additional pictures of the box are available upon request

Vintage Fisher Price Pelican -right side  
   Vintage Fisher Price Big Bill Pelican - left side
   Vintage Fisher Price Big Bill Pelican - back 
 Vintage Fisher Price Big Bill Pelican - Fish