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 1934 Tailspin Tabby #400
One of the Pop-Up Kritters

Vintage Fisher Price Tailspin Tabby-Guitar paddle    

This is the #400 Tailspin Tabby made by Fisher Price from 1931-1938.  Some information on Tailspin Tabby.  This toy was one of the original "sixteen hopefuls" - the first sixteen toys produced by Fisher Price in 1931.  This Tabby was produced for 8 years only, although different versions appeared in later years.  Apparently the size of the paddle and the prices of the toy varied over the first 8 years.  We can date this one 1934-1935 because the red guitar shaped paddle is 10 inches long, and the price tag (still attached)  shows that the cost was 25 cents.

This Tailspin Tabby is in really incredibly good condition.  It has all its original beads, and has obviously never been restrung because the strings are clearly the original ones.  Tabby sill has all his face paint and his original oilcloth ears are still attached and undamaged.  The red paddle has no breaks or cracks in the wood and shows almost no paint wear.  The Fisher Price ink stamping on top of the paddle is hard to read.  Apparently the ink was smeared when first stamped in the factory over 80 years ago.  However that ink stamp is not faded or worn off.  I think the most incredible thing is that the original Montgomery Ward price tag is still attached and completely legible.

The only thing to note is that I'm pretty sure one of the metal rings that work the toy is a replacement.  It looks newer, and is somewhat different from all the original rings I've seen on toys like this.  The other ring looks original to me.  

Tailspin Tabby still works just like it did 80 year ago.  When you tighten the strings he stands up straight.  By manipulating the strings, you can make him "dance"

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Tailspin Tabby-Pop-Up Kritter    
       Vintage Fisher Price Tailspin Tabby-front       Vintage Fisher Price Tailspin Tabby- stamping
   Vintage Fisher Price Tailspin Tabby- bottom        Vintage Fisher Price Tailspin Tabby-sticker

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