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1934 Lop-Ear Looie #415
Pop-Up Kritter

Vintage Fisher Price Lop-Ear Looie - 1    

This is the #415 Pop-Up Kritter called Lop-Ear Looie made by Fisher Price in 1934 ONLY.  This one is in really beautiful condition.  The only imperfections I can find on Looie are a couple of areas of paint fading on his nose and one eye.  He is otherwise perfect.  Looie stands on a red guitar shaped paddle which, strangely, has four holes drilled in it.  This toy uses only two of those holes for its strings.  My guess is that it was assembled this way at the Fisher Price Factory in 1934, and that they used one of the red paddles originally meant for the Tailspin Tabby Kritter.  But your guess is as good as mine.  Clearly, this toy has not been restrung.  The strings and metal rings are definitely originals.  The paddle has a bit of paint wear...but not bad at all.  The stamping on the paddle is somewhat faded.  I can't make out the copyright number, but I can see that the copyright date is 1926, which is correct for this toy.  Lop-Ear Looie is in perfect working condition.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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    Vintage Fisher Price Lop-Ear Looie - 2
       Vintage Fisher Price Lop-Ear Looie - 3
   Vintage Fisher Price Lop-Ear Looie - strings
Vintage Fisher Price Lop-Ear Looie - stamping  Vintage Fisher Price Lop-Ear Looie - closeup

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