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1978 Dexter Dog #438
One of the Fisher Price Animal Grabber Toys

Vintage Fisher Price Dexter Dog - front      

This is the #438 Dexter Dog  made by Fisher Price from 1978 to1985.  Dexter was a yellow foam-filled terrycloth dog head that rattles when shaken. This one is complete and in very good condition, but not perfect.  The first thing I noted was that the toy may have been restuffed.  The original Dexter was filled with foam that always disintegrated over time.  This one is fairly solid and very springy.  I'm guessing that the previous owner opened a seam somewhere on it, and restuffed it.  Either that or the original foam somehow lasted intact all these years.  I must add that I don't see any evidence of any of the seams being reopened, but the toy is definitely more full than any I've had in the past.

Dexter Dog is in really great shape.  I find no holes or tears on him.  All his features are intact as well, and his original tag is attached.  This toy is machine washable, but from the look of it, I don't believe it was ever washed.  It does show a bit of grime, but I'm not going to touch that.  I'll leave any further cleaning to the new owner.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Dexter Dog - back    Vintage Fisher Price Dexter Dog - side 1           
Vintage Fisher Price Dexter Dog - side 2             Vintage Fisher Price Dexter Dog - tag

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