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1982 Rosie Rabbit #439
From the Animal Grabbers Series of Toys

Vintage Fisher Price Rosie Rabbit - Front    

This is the #439 Rosie Rabbit made by Fisher Price from 1982 to 1986.  Rosie was a pink foam-filled terrycloth rabbit head that rattles when shaken. This one is complete and in very good condition, having only the issues that are, unfortunately, unavoidable on this piece.  First, the foam inside the toy has totally disintegrated so what you will be getting is a virtually empty shell.  You can feel the rattle inside the rabbit, but the sound is quite faint.  Perhaps it is clogged with the remnants of disintegrated foam.  I really don't know.

Now on to the good news.  Rosie Rabbit is in great shape.  I find no holes or tears on her.  All her features are intact as well, and her original tag is attached.  This toy is machine washable, and from the look of it I do believe it was washed at least once as there is some pilling on the white face.  It's actually pretty clean for a terrycloth piece this old.  I'm going to leave any further cleaning to the new owner.

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Vintage Fisher Price Rosie Rabbit - side 1    
 Vintage Fisher Price Rosie Rabbit - side 2      
   Vintage Fisher Price Rosie Rabbit - tag

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