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From the Animal Grabber Series

Vintage Fisher Price Dexter Dog MIB - Front    

Well here's something you're not going to find every day.  It's the #438 Dexter Dog Animal Grabber made by Fisher Price in 1979-1986.  A bit of explanation regarding the number of the toy and the date.  From 1979 to 1981, Fisher Price made an assortment of 3 different Animal Grabbers.  This was one of them.  Therefore the box is marked "402 Asst."  We can assume this particular one came out in 1982 because the back of the box shows "Rosie Rabbit", which was not available before 1982.

In any event.....Dexter Dog is mint in the box.  This box has never been opened.  It's a bit dented and has one tear which has clear tape over it.  This can be seen in the pictures.  Also, the cellophane has come loose from the cardboard in places, but it is not torn.  

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Dexter Dog MIB - back    
Vintage Fisher Price Dexter Dog MIB - side 1            Vintage Fisher Price Dexter Dog MIB - side 2

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