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 Vintage Fisher Price Doll
One of the Lapsitter Doll Series

Vintage Fisher Price Joey Doll - Mint in Box

This is Joey.  He's the only boy in the line of Fisher Price Lapsitter dolls made by Fisher Price in 1974.  Joey appears to be unused in his original box, although clearly the box has been opened.  I can find no signs of play use on this doll.  He looks absolutely perfect.  

There are of course no tears or stains anywhere on this doll.  He is still attached to the cardboard backing with a plastic  twist tie, although I cannot be sure that this has never been opened.  Included is a small brochure showing other clothing for the Fisher Price Lapsitter dolls.

Even the box is in great shape.  There are some tears on the tab that hold the box closed, but other than that the box looks terrific.  There are no other tears on it.  the plastic bubble is complete and undamaged.

Please note:  All my dolls are bought second hand, so I don't know if they have always been in a smoke free environment.  However, I cannot detect any odors on this one.

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Vintage Fisher Price Joey Doll - complete in box        Vintage Fisher Price Joey Doll - back of box

          Vintage Fisher Price Joey Doll - close up
         Vintage Fisher Price Joey Doll - box side 1        Vintage Fisher Price Joey Doll - box side 2

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