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Vintage Fisher Price Lapsitter Doll

Rare Version with Lavender Body
Vintage Fisher Price Lapsitter Elizabeth in Lavender

This is Elizabeth.  She's Fisher Price lapsitter doll #205K made 1974-1976.  This is quite a rare version of the Elizabeth doll.  Most of them were made with a red body and a red plaid skirt.  This one has a lavender body and has a removable flower printed apron.  

Elizabeth is the only African American doll in the Lapsitter series.  She has vinyl hands and head, and a solid stuffed body.  She is in wonderful condition. The only problem I find is that her white socks are somewhat discolored.  I don't know if this is dirt, but I rather doubt it as the rest of the doll is wonderfully clean.  I can only assume that this is some sort of age discoloration

This doll has no marks on her face and no chews on her little fingers.  There are no tears or stains on her cloth body or on her removable apron.  Her original tush tag is still attached.  Elizabeth is about 13 inches tall.

Please note:  All my dolls are bought second hand, so I don't know if they have always been in a smoke free environment.  However, I cannot detect any odors on this one.

Larger pictures are available upon request.

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Vintage Fisher Price Lapsitter Elizabeth - front  
Vintage Fisher Price Lapsitter Elizabeth  - back
Vintage Fisher Price Lapsitter Elizabeth - tag            Vintage Fisher Price Lapsitter Elizabeth - face

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