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Q: What is the condition of these vintage toys?

A: All the toys I sell are in excellent used condition. Any damage found will be described in the listing. If no damage is mentioned...well, then there is none. Many of my toys look brand new.  VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  I usually have more than one of the individual Little People and Accessories pieces, so you may not get the exact one in the picture.  However the one you will get will be in similar condition.  If you want to see a picture of the exact item I'll be sending you, just let me know.

 Q:  Do you ship outside the United States?

A:  ONLY IF YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR SHIPPING.  Since I offer FREE SHIPPING on everything in my store, I cannot afford to ship outside the USA...and that includes Canada.  If you really want something and do not have a USA address, please email me BEFORE making a purchase. All items to be shipped outside the Continental United States will go by Insured International Priority Mail. It is VERY EXPENSIVE.  I wish this were not the case, but unfortunately I don't set the postal rates.

Q:  Do you have all the items shown in stock?

A:  Usually, yes.  I try to refresh my listings every day.  However, if 2 people order the same item before I can remove it from my listing, whoever ordered it first will get the item.  The other buyer will be sent a refund with my apologies.

Q: Can I see more pictures of an item?

A: Yes. If you want to see a larger picture of the item or a close up of any part, feel free to ask.  Iíll be happy to email more pictures to you.

Q: What are the shipping charges?

A: Shipping is FREE! Small items (such as individual Little People) will be sent securely packed by First Class Mail in a bubble envelope. Larger items will be sent by Parcel Select or UPS Ground. If you want your package sent by a more expensive method such as Priority Mail, you will have to pay the difference in cost. 

Q: How do I pay for my items?

Electronic payment by credit card or eCheck can be made through Paypal. Please note that if you pay by eCheck, I am required to wait until your eCheck clears before mailing your package.   If you need to pay by money order, you must email me for an invoice when you're finished shopping.

Q: When will my order arrive?

A: All orders are shipped within one day after receipt of your payment, weekends and holidays excluded of course. How long it takes the Post Office to deliver your package is beyond my control. Sorry about that.

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Not as a general rule. All sales are considered to be final. However, if you have a problem with something youíve bought from me, by all means let me know. I want you to be happy with your purchase. If Iíve made a mistake in my description or missed some flaw in the item, you can certainly return it for a full refund.

Q: Do you buy vintage Fisher Price Toy Collections?

A: For the time being I'm not buying anything at all.  I have a tremendous amount of stock on hand.  However, if you have any Play Family sets from the 1970s in excellent condition in the box, I'd be interested in seeing what you have..

Q: How do I contact you?

A: Email me at judykudz2@gmail.com. Iíll get back to you quickly -  usually the same day.

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